Batch 1 is the app that connects you to people, information and data you just need.

The MEXS platform combines chat-based technology and operational processes in a GDPR compliant way. Optimize the efficiency and security of your workflows and internal communication.

Contractbook is a Danish tech company that future-proofs your business with data-driven contract automation. On their digital contract management platform, you can manage the entire lifecycle of your contracts in one flow. Create contracts with updated templates, sign them with a digital signature and organise them in the cloud.

JAASPER offers a SaaS-product covering document analysis based on different AI methods. Use cases include contract analysis, document classification and data extraction from various contract types. Furthermore, JAASPER offers a tool for automatic website checks, which analyses both cookies and website content (imprint, terms & conditions, data security policy). Thus website owners get quick feedback on a website’s legal compliance.

MISO is a Scottish based legal tech Start-up with a focus on designing and developing cloud software tools for litigators.
Miso streamlines the preparation and analysis of dispute resolution processes saving litigators time and reducing their costs. is a spin-off of RWTH Aachen University dedicated to automation in B2B tax consulting by means of artificially intelligent software. The team of computer scientists, industrial engineers and tax consultants develops a technology that makes legal literature understandable for software and can match it to individual client situations. With our software, employees in tax consultancies and tax departments automate the communication with their clients and proactively inform themselves about important changes with suitable recommendations for action on a client-specific basis.

Batch 2

Bigle Legal is a SaaS platform transforming the way companies manage legal documents, enabling them to automate the process of creating their legal documents and mitigating human error.
Closd is a legal transaction management platform that centralizes all the tools necessary to execute transactions from end to end, through document and workflow management, electronic signature, bible generation, and long-term archiving. Designed by former lawyers, Closd eliminates low added-value tasks, streamlines processes, increases collaboration with stakeholders, and enhances client experience, while securing the deal with rock-solid data protection.
Juralio helps you make sense of legal matters by expressing them as interactive maps and timelines. Invite colleagues to collaborate and handle your daily influx of messages and documents in one place
kompany is the leading RegTech platform for Global Business Verification and Business KYC (KYB), offering real-time access to audit-proof and legally binding company information and documentation directly from the official government registers. Its advanced API platform, collaborative web-based KYC workspace and UBO discovery® products provide financial institutions, payment providers and other regulated corporations the automation platform and tools required for anti-money-laundering compliance at the speed of business.
Smart Oversight is a European Union based startup which offers a SaaS solution to assist businesses with their KYC/AML compliance needs. Smart Oversight brings you, technology to reduce costs, and flexibility to streamline the main steps of your on-boarding processes: searching, analysing and monitoring. Should you be subject to anti-money laundering regulations, contact us to get more information.

Batch 3

Create, edit and manage Smart Legal Contracts through a web page without programming knowledge.
Della is a legal document review platform build on top of a natural language question answering system, allowing user to analyse legal documents by asking questions in their own words.
KnowMeNow is developing mobile apps and portals to help regulated businesses achieve KYC compliance with a comprehensive set of tools and global coverage.
Meet Neo, your digital AI-assistant for business
We create artificial intelligence software that facilitates document retrieval. When searching files, Austrian lawyers no longer need to input words they contain, but can formulate in their own words.
We are specialised in providing a BPM, DMS & OCR platform (ShakeSpeare® Software) to the legal & compliance market. Workflow automation and deployment of tailored solutions in days, not weeks.

Batch 4

ClauseBase is a Belgian Legal Tech startup which provides drafting software to law firms and in-house counsels. Development started in 2015 and our go-to-market launch was in October of 2018.

Capacity is a web-application that helps legal teams manage workflows – it provides a means for employees to seek and distribute work, and offers insights to help legal departments manage their team.

JUST VR is a virtual reality training, collaboration, and legal proceedings platform with the ability to record and review presentations/oral arguments from different positions in the virtual courtroom.


TimeBro automatically records all computer activities, calendar entrys, phone calls and absence times. This data is then displayed in a timeline to enable the user the quickly and accurately create time entries without losing billable hours.

Summize is the leading, lightweight platform for contracts. With our instant contract summaries, we bring a fresh approach, helping in-house legal teams, law firms, and SMEs understand, manage, and review contracts their way. We work alongside lawyers as we believe tech should be there to assist, not replace. Don’t just review it, Summize it.