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I can’t travel due to COVID-19 restrictions. Can I still participate?

In March 2020, we adapted to the new challenges and planned the LTHE Accelerator Programme completely digitally. This has enabled us to run a digital batch. In 2022, we are also planning a digital programme for the time being. There may be some live events in Vienna, Austria, but this depends on how the situation develops.

Will our travel costs be reimbursed?
The participating Start-ups ask for a travel reimbursement capped at EUR 2000 per Start-up. All Start-ups invited to pitch at the LTHV Challenge in September can ask to have their travel costs reimbursed. Please keep the receipts, since we need them for reimbursement.
Does the same person have to be there every time?
No. There has to be at least one person at C-Level (CEO, CPO, CFO, CTO), but anyone else is welcome to join, of course.
Do we have to attend the full programme? Is there the possibility to participate remotely?
Once taken into the LTHV Accelerator, you will be requested to participate in the full programme. When applying, please check beforehand whether you are available on all dates, block them from any other meetings and make sure you arrive in Vienna before the programme starts and leave only after it’s end. Remote participation is possible only in exceptions and have to be communicated well in advance. The LTHV attendance policy is rather strict, as it is a tailor made programme for a small number of selected companies. Missing parts of the programme would lessen your benefits and gives us a hard time planning the programme.
Will you be taking equity of my company?

Our mission is to be founder friendly – we do not take equity of the companies participating in the LTHV Accelerator Programme. However, the LTHV shall be entitled to receive a revenue share of 5% of all Net Revenues generated by the Company within 5 years from the start of the LTHV Accelerator Program with third parties introduced by LTHV during the LTHV Accelerator Programme.

What happens when we cannot be there?
Please try to be there and schedule your meetings for days other than the programme. If, for some reason, you cannot make it to a day of programme, please let us know as soon as possible. If you miss a whole module, you lose the possibility to reimburse your travel expenses of the whole programme.
What happens at the LTHV Challenge?
The invited Start-ups will pitch in front of the LTHV Jury, which comprises the LTHV Founding Members and individual experts. Five Start-ups will be onboarded to the accelerator programme. In the evening, there will be a fair where all invited start-ups have the possibility to talk to partners and employees of the LTHV law firms, as well as other stakeholders of the legal tech sector.
What happens at Demo Day?
This is the closing event of the programme. The five start-ups of the LTHV accelerator programme will pitch their projects and their development experienced during the accelerator in front of an expert audience. You will again get the possibility to talk to the legal tech stakeholder universe.
When will I be notified/updated about my application status?

Invitations for those companies selected to join the LTHV Challenge will be sent out around 16th March. Unfortunately, we cannot give you any updates on your application before this date, since the jury meeting will only take place then.